Archlight Entertainment

Archlight Entertainment is a St. Louis based entertainment company specializing in a variety of fields of narrative filmmaking (including feature & short films, and music videos); Video For Hire (including on-site video capture with multiple cameras, professional custom editing & demo reel production, and DVD/Blu Ray/Digital media creation); Audio Entertainment (from music tracks to podcasts); and Comic Books/Digital Comics (including superheroes, horror/thriller, all ages and more).

Created in 2008, Archlight has spent over a decade connecting with skilled professionals and fostering relationships with talented people from all fields of entertainment. From filmmakers from the West Coast to stage actors from the East Coast, and everywhere in between, everyone is dedicated to the delivery of quality storytelling, quality video production and just plain quality!

Archlight Studios

Archlight Studios is the film/video production division of Archlight Entertainment, specializing in features, shorts, music videos, promotional materials, training videos, demo reels, video auditions and event ads.

Our in house film company is hard at work on several exciting projects. FOUR COLOR EULOGY (done in part with Pirate Pictures), our drama/comedy about the ties that bind a family and how pop culture can be used to deflect tragedy, is being re-released to a wider audience. KHYBER, a gritty 1980's war feature, is in the final stage of post-production. RETRIBUTION, a period piece set in the late 1800's, is looking to secure financing. And RED CIRCLE NVESTIGATIONS: A MIGHTY CRUSADERS FAN FILM, the first on film appearance of the MLJ Comics superheroes, is set to begin filming early 2020!

Also, as a Video For Hire company, we're able to offer on-site video capture with multiple cameras, professional custom editing and the creation of ethier DVD, Blu Ray or digital copies of your content. Not only do we create quality work, but we can help YOU create quality work!

Archlight Entertainment

Archlight Comics is the comic book/graphic novel division of Archlight Entertainment, specializing in colorful storytelling ranging from all ages to mature audiences. With a small stable of creative artists and writers, the freedom of not having a major studio breathing down one’s neck allows for more time to let stories grow. Having both digital and print options available, everyone can enjoy something from Archlight Comics!


When a strange substance turns a large portion of the worlds animal population into anthropomorphic super animals, an age of heroes dawns...and they're covered in fur! (Currently In Development)


Superheroes are everywhere, but unlike the good old days, they are regulated and controlled by the government and corporations. Some believe this is for the best, to protect civilians from harm and property damage. Others see it as the oppression of heroic ideals started in a more innocent time. But when powered people are used for military might, the legacy of heroes may be nearing its permanent end. (TBA)


We all know that there's no reason to be afraid of the dark. However, we should be afraid of what's IN the dark! The peaceful neighborhood located on Combs Street is about to learn this lesson first hand as the harmless shadows become thick with danger. No man, woman, child or pet is safe from WHAT'S IN THE DARK. (TBA)

Are you getting married and want a DVD to commemorate your special day? Need a video for that next business event or a training video? Or are you a performer who wants an archival recording of your upcoming performance? Archlight Entertainment can help.

In addition to narrative short and feature films, we also provide video capturing and editing services and DVD, BluRay and digital file products of your events and projects. And, because we understand all too well how daunting the concept of video production can be, we hope to help ease that concern both from a production stand point as well as a financial one.

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Archlight Entertainment